British Gadget Gurus Imboldn Digest Calls Work Sharp Culinary E5 A Must Have Gift for Foodies!

What does Work Sharp Culinary’s line of electric and manual kitchen knife sharpeners have in common with a $2,950 patio table, a $110 whiskey decanter, a $100 smoke infuser, and a $275 monthly cheese subscription? All have been called top foodie gifts for home chefs and food fanatics for 2017.

From the sharp folks at Imboldn-

“Your kitchen knives should be at least as sharp as you are. A fine blade speaks volumes about your kitchen, your attention to detail, and your care for your tools. As such, a sharp knife is the perfect way to send the right message, whether you’re slicing a tomato or annihilating an onion. The Work Sharp Culinary E5 Electric Knife Sharpener is the item you didn’t know you needed

Professional-grade honing surfaces and belts give your favorite knives a long-lasting edge that’s a joy to control. MicroForge technology (which is just as impressive as it sounds) creates a more durable edge by adding microscopic facets along the cutting edge. One-touch programming keeps the sharpening process simple and foolproof. And a separate honing rod is perfect for quick touch-ups between sharpenings, so you can quickly refine your knife’s edge when you need it most”

Ready to learn more about the Work Sharp Culinary E5 electric kitchen knife sharpener or dive into the science of why our new MicroForge technology is the best way to create and keep a durable edge?




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