Serious Eats Wants to Talk with You About Your Kitchen Knives… They’re Dull!

Serious Eats got real this week when it comes to the biggest flaw in most home cooks’ kitchens… dull knives.

Steel honing rods can only keep an edge together so long, and the time and skill required for a proper whetstone sharpening is beyond what today’s home chefs have time for. Add in the extreme hardness of boutique steels in high end kitchen knives, and there are a lot of reasons to let the knives go dull over time (you barely notice it until they are sharpened again, right?)

Sharpening services get expensive, require travel, and leave you day days or weeks without your most important kitchen tools, and no one wants to end up slicing a beautifully prepared prime rib with a bread knife because it is the only one in the block!

Just buying new knives every couple of years seems convenient in our disposable society, but even the best steels will need a true touch-up every couple months of regular use, and all that time you’ve invested wearing in and learning your knives’ nuances gets lost when the new handle shows up to break in.

Lastly, let’s be honest, you probably already own a kitchen knife sharpener or two that barely gets the job done or even seems to damage your blade as you sharpen.

We’re stoked the experts at Serious Eats see Work Sharp Culinary knife sharpeners as the true solution to keeping every knife you own sharp in a simple, clean, professional sharpening package that beats the competition in every category. Whether you’re looking into sharpening for the first time or are skeptical from other solutions letting you down, we’re here to make sharpening something you do, not something you dread!

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