Work Sharp Culinary and RecipeThis Partner for Collaborative Recipes

Work Sharp Culinary partnered with Mediterranean-minded US ex-Pats¬†Dominic & Samantha Milner, currently residing in cozy coastal Portugal, for a series of delicious yet simple recipes that combine the deep flavor of the world’s favorite comfort foods and some of today’s hottest home chef gadgets… all brought to you with a sharp knife! We’ve collected all five recipes here for easy access, and you can read their full stories and cooking tips they’ve built around their recipes on the RecipeThis website!


Beef Wellington with Chicken Liver Pate

Chinese-Inspired Instant Pot Beef and Green Bean Stir Fry

Classic Beef Roast

Mediterranean Pork Roast

Pub House Beef Brisket


The best thing about these recipes? The way the delightful flavor combinations pair with clean, precise presentation on the table that requires a sharp knife!

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