Work Sharp Culinary is the Best Kitchen Knife Sharpening Solution


There are many different options when it comes to sharpening your kitchen knife, and yet most knives are dull. Why is that?


Work Sharp Culinary began designing its line of kitchen knife sharpeners based on what we found to be the biggest reasons people want, but don’t have, sharp kitchen knives.


Professional sharpening services bring with them the convenience of not having to know anything about knife sharpening but are costly (often $5-10 per knife), require bringing your knives to a sharpening facility plus whatever period of time is required to get them sharpened… sometimes hours, sometimes days.


Sharpening with a whetstone is the traditional way to sharpen kitchen knives, but this process has a significant learning curve, takes up to 30 minutes per knife, and is even more difficult with some of the modern super-steels being used in high-end kitchen knives today.


We found most of the manual and electric knife sharpeners currently available in kitchen stores to be noisy, ineffective, and potentially even damaging to a blade due to the use of non-flexible diamond grind disks.


Work Sharp Culinary sharpeners, by contrast, gives you the convenience of on-the-spot sharpening without the need to learn a new skill-set. We’ve built our decades of sharpening knowledge into the sharpeners for an effortless sharpening experience with


Learn more about the Work Sharp Culinary line of kitchen knife sharpeners and see how quickly you can rediscover your knifes’ true edge!

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